About 60 euros for Valentine's Day gifts


Regardless of whether it's flowers, chocolate or vouchers: according to the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, an average of 60 euros will be spent on Valentine's Day gifts this year. Inflation has less impact on gift giving than the previous year.

The Vienna Chamber of Commerce (WKW), together with the Research Department for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (KMU Research Austria), investigated Viennese customs regarding “Valentine's Day”. Valentine's Day continues to grow in importance in Viennese retail.

The flower, candy, watch, jewellery, fashion, book and cosmetics trade is particularly active. On average, 60 euros are spent on gifts. According to the survey, eight out of ten men and seven out of ten women plan to gift their loved ones on February 14.


Flowers are once again the most popular Valentine's Day gift this year

The top three are flowers, sweets and vouchers

According to the survey, 59 percent planned to give their partners a gift in the past year. This year the figure has risen to 67 percent. The importance of Valentine's Day is increasing for society, but also for Viennese retail, Gumprecht explained. Valentine's Day brings in around 50 million euros in additional revenue. 45 lakhs last year.

Inflation has less impact on purchasing power than last year. In 2023, 13 percent of those surveyed cited high inflation as a reason for not giving gifts. This year it is only five percent. People in Vienna like to give flowers on Valentine's Day. In second place are sweets like chocolate and pralines. Vouchers for restaurants, cinema or short holidays follow. Perfumes and jewelery are also often given as gifts, the broadcaster said.

Local trade is more than online shops

Valentine's Day business takes place almost exclusively in stationary stores. “Valentine's Day business is a last-minute business that takes place in just a few days,” says Margaret Kumbrecht, head of the trade division of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. According to the study, 72 percent of those surveyed would use local retailers for Valentine's Day gifts. For most people, it is important to choose a gift personally by looking at the products on the site.

Interested parties will also be inspired to get gifts from brick-and-mortar stores rather than online. Only 38 percent get information about it online, and twelve percent get it on social networks like Instagram or Pinterest.

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