How Ukraine Became a Naval Power Without a Navy

On Wednesday, the Ukrainians sank another large Russian landing craft off the Crimea, the Caesar Kunikov, this time using unmanned demolition boats. The powerful Russian Black Sea fleet was attacked and fled to the east. Ukrainians have practically no navy. How does it work?

While the fronts of the Ukrainian war have remained stagnant since last year, despite Ukrainian counterattacks and localized Russian attacks, the naval battle between the two main land powers is developing dynamically — and will harm the Russians in the long run: Ukrainian reports have emerged. On Wednesday, a large Russian Project 775-class amphibious assault ship was struck off the southern coast of Crimea near the city of Simis.

There was a lot of talk about smoke in the beginning, which is likely to show up in the pictures. The Ukrainians later claimed that the 112-meter-long ship, the Caesar Kunikov, had sunk. The operation was reportedly carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles in collaboration with the military intelligence agency. There is currently no comment from Russia.

Such water drones have been used many times in warfare so far. They were small boats with powerful propeller drives and powerful bombs; They operate under the name “Makura”, which is short for “Maritime Autonomous Guard Unmanned Robotic Instrument”.

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