Both these stars should leave the show

Jungle Finals: The grand IBES finals will take place on Sunday evening. Before that, viewers have to say goodbye to two celebrities.

This year's candidates have spent more than two weeks in the Australian bush. Over the past 16 days, the stars battled for food, food and, above all, audience recognition. Because they ultimately decide who is worthy of the crown and scepter.

On Saturday evening, viewers chose only five residents: Fabio Ness, Lucie Diakowska, Twenty4Dim, Leila LaHoover and Mike Heider. But only three of them will make it to the finals. Until then, viewers have to choose two out of five celebrities from the camp. The two celebrities had to leave the Australian bush a day later as RTL decided not to evict them on Friday.

Mike and Fabio out!

Two stars with very few invitations return to the former Hotel Versace Imperial Hotel Gold Coast. The choice fell on Fabio and Mike. Both missed the finale and will now join Anya Elsner, Sarah Kern, David Odonkor, Kim Virginia and Felix von Jascheroff in the luxury hotel. Cora Schumacher and Heinz Hoenig also stayed there. They canceled the Jungle Camp program due to health reasons.

Three finalists have now been determined: Lucie Diakowska, Leila Lahore and Twenty4Dim. According to T-Online readers, the No Angels singer has the best chance to win. In the daily polls, the musician always came first. However, whether he can truly win the jungle crown will be shown in Sunday evening's finale.

“I'm a celebrity – get me out!” The 17th season started on 19 January. This year's edition is a very special one for RTL. The format first flashed on screens 20 years ago.

Of the twelve stars, only three candidates are currently fighting for the crown and the €100,000 prize money. On the third day Cora Schumacher voluntarily left the camp. Now she wants to fight for her wild fare. Meanwhile, the other residents dedicate themselves to the fight for the stars.

The winner of the race will be announced on February 4. Then the grand finale begins. Like last year, this year too RTL is airing one more episode. A trick to make broadcasters millions. Read more about the topic here: Money Machine Jungle Camp.

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