Drones and helicopters are used to search for the missing person


The situation in southern Burgenland remains tense after violent storms. Tuesday night was calm, but water levels in streams and rivers are still high. This also makes it difficult to find the missing 77-year-old man from Missendorf.

The man and his vehicle are suspected to have arrived at Teichbach near Misendorf (Oberwaard district) on Sunday – more in Misendorf: Man still missing after storms. Police and firefighters have launched a search operation with helicopters and drones, but the search has so far been unsuccessful. Police operations manager Oscar Gallop said there are now considerations for using boats to search inaccessible areas. A search is currently underway in the Pinka area near Badersdorf.

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ORF/Norbert Lehner

A search for a missing person will take place on Tuesday in the Pinga area near Badersdorf (Oberwaard district).

Pinka bei Badersdorf

ORF/Norbert Lehner

Pinka bei Badersdorf

Emergency services are searching the Pinga area near Badersdorf on Tuesday

ORF/Norbert Lehner

Search function

Search operation in Pinka area near Badersdorf

ORF/Norbert Lehner

Search operation in Pinka area near Badersdorf

High water levels make searching difficult

“The problem is that you can search on the banks, but the stream levels are still high and the water is so cloudy that you can’t see anything. So, by official order, the search was stopped again on Monday afternoon. “As sad as it is, you have to wait until the water levels go down. so you can see where the vehicle is,” said Alexander Flashberger from the Oberwaard district fire department.

Firefighters have been working for several days

According to the State Security Center, the fire brigade was only on duty in Grafensachen (Oberwaard district) during the night from Monday to Tuesday. A tree should be removed from the road. The lack of heavy rain on Tuesday night is crucial for emergency services, many of whom have been active since Saturday. “It’s definitely a mental burden when you see the damage and suffering this flood has caused. It’s important that you physically and mentally calm down and relax a bit so that you can process the whole thing,” says Flashberger.

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Cleanup continues

Fire officials now expect the water levels to recede later in the day unless there is more rain on Tuesday. Meanwhile, with numerous streets and basements flooded, the cleanup continues – sending more helpers into the federal army.

More road closures after flooding:

Oberward District:

  • L244 Hannersdorf – Welgersdorf
  • L384 Jabinger Asst
  • Markt Allhau and St. B50 from Johann
  • Access to Burger Reservoir on the B56

Cushing County:

  • L405 B57a to Styria border
  • B56a crosses the Heiligenbrunn border
  • B56 Gaas – Moschendorf
  • L395 of B56 – Bildein

Bezirk Jennersdorf:

  • L416 Rosendorf – Wallendorf

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