LEGO Fortnite: Gets New Relaxed and Expert Modes

Popular offshoot LEGO Fortnite is getting two new modes in an update this week: Relaxed and Expert mode.

A new era for Fortnite began in December, when the long-running battle royale finally grew into a gaming hub and spawned three new branches, including LEGO Fortnite. This part in particular became very popular and in fact it was successful and sometimes even better than Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite is back in stock now, as Epic Games announced a new update for this week today. It is scheduled for release on June 13th, and two new modes will be added later for players of all skill levels: Relaxed and Expert mode.

The so-called Cozy Mode is a combination of Survival and Sandbox Mode, but the combat is set to “easy” and many of the survival settings are disabled. So, the casual game mode should be perfect for players who are more interested in the building and farming aspects of LEGO Fortnite, but don’t want to ignore the battles entirely.

Expert Mode, on the other hand, increases the difficulty for players who like Survival Mode but are looking for an extra challenge. It introduces new Storm Wild enemies that deal more damage, have more health and move faster than normal enemies, as well as permanent removal.

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