Serious allegations were made against Lena Schilling

As the “Standard” reported on Tuesday, several companions described the troubled behavior of the 23-year-old EU Green Party front-runner. Schilling wanted to comment on the allegations Wednesday morning.

In the midst of an election campaign, the candidacy of Green EU frontrunner Lena Schilling could be caught in turmoil. As the “Standard” reported on Tuesday, many of the 23-year-old’s companions describe the young politician’s troubled behavior. Schilling is said to have angered, hurt or distressed many people by threatening their existence.

Today, Wednesday, at 8:30am, the Greens will comment on the allegations against their top EU candidate, Lena Schilling. Some prominent Green politicians have announced their participation: in addition to Schilling, Green Party leader Werner Kögler, deputy federal spokespeople Leonor Küsler and Stephan Kaineder, and club president Sigrid Maurer.

Avoid making statements

A document described by Green MPs as a “disaster” for “Standards” may have set the ball rolling. In this, Schilling promised the court to refrain from making certain statements in the future – for example, that one of her best friends was beaten by her husband and suffered a miscarriage after the attack. Otherwise, Schilling will have to pay 20,000 euros.

In the course of further research into the environment of the top candidate, it becomes clear: as the “Standard” writes, Schilling is said to have a problematic relationship with the truth, playing people against each other and leaving a “scorched earth”. Schilling, who is known as a climate activist, has reportedly said in her personal life that a journalist harassed her. However, an internal investigation by the employer revealed no wrongdoing on the man’s part.

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In another case, the 23-year-old allegedly discovered an affair with a TV journalist, but assumed she was having an affair with other Green politicians. The person concerned avoided filing a case.

“Scorched Earth” in the Climate Movement

Even in the climate movement — Schilling is particularly known for occupying the Lobau construction site — plenty of comrades are said to be disillusioned with the former activist. Schilling allegedly exploited the trust of many young people for his personal gain. The EU’s top candidate later withdrew from the movement.

It is unclear to what extent party leaders were aware of the extent of the allegations against Shilling. However, party sources told “The Standard”: Shilling’s suitability has not been fully explored. Or the warning signals were ignored. (ham)

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